IFPRI 2020 Conference in full launch!

photo of knowledge fair booth

Participant booth at Knowledge Fair

Experience the IFPRI 2020 Conference virtually! You never have to miss a moment of the event through blog updates, live tweeting, plenary and parallel session recordings, and speakers’ uploaded powerpoints and summary notes.

Throughout all three days of the conference, the Knowledge Fair provides participants and non-participants with a unique venue to engage with key conference themes as well as each another. Located in the outdoor garden in Rani Bagh, the Fair will feature exhibitions booths, “Rapid Fire” presentations, and discussion “easels,” and informal discussion groups.

Even for those who could not attend the event, the electronic poster station, video viewing area, and literature hub will be available online. After the conference, check out presentation videos, photos of the discussion easels, and transcripts of the discussion group talks.

Get started now viewing videos and the presentation schedule at: