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LCIRAH workshop on agriculture, NCDs and development

Following on the workshop it hosted in 2011 with IFPRI on cross-sectoral metrics, the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health (LCIRAH) is holding an international workshop on “The Role of Agricultural and Food Systems Research in Combating Chronic Disease for Development.”  The event, held July 2-3, 2012, in London, will bring together researchers in health, food systems, development policy and agriculture in order to: frame non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a development problem; explore how interventions in agriculture and food can influence NCDs in low and middle income countries; and develop an interdisciplinary research agenda to address the role of agriculture and food systems in combating NCDs. For more information, please visit:

Help rename CRP4 (also known as the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and Health)

The CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and Health management is seeking help in renaming its program. The management team is looking for a short and meaningful name that is easily understood. The name should portray how agricultural research, practices, interventions, and policies can help improve health and nutrition benefits and reduce health risks. A small token of appreciation will be offered to the selected submission. Deadline for submission is May 14, 2012. To submit a name(s), please complete this survey monkey.