Science Forum on Nutrition and Health Outcomes of Agricultural Research

The CGIAR’s Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) will be hosting its 2013 Science Forum on September 23‒25, in Bonn, Germany. This year's Forum focuses on "Nutrition and health outcomes: targets for agricultural research," with the objective of identifying the research needs, scientific approaches, and partnerships through which the agricultural community can add most value to the delivery of nutrition and health outcomes. The draft agenda features plenary sessions that review the evidence surrounding the impact that agricultural programs, policies, and approaches have on nutrition and health, as well as side sessions on the role of the private sector in agriculture-nutrition-health links, how value chain analysis can facilitate systems research, and more.

The Science Forum series is a flagship event that serves as a means to reach out to scientists and scientific communities largely external to the CGIAR, but who have potentially important contributions to make to the CGIAR research portfolio and its system-level objectives of improving food security, human nutrition and health, alleviation of poverty and environmental sustainability.

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