Independent Impact Assessment Report of 2020 Conference Released

Prior to the 2020 conference, IFPRI commissioned an independent impact assessment report in order to determine the impact of the Conference on individual participants, institutions, and professional discourse. Robert Paarlberg, B. F. Johnson professor of political science at Wellesley College, carried out the assessment, conducting pre- and post-conference surveys, interviews, and web searches over the course of 18 months. The final report has now been released. The impacts can be summarized as follows:

•       On individuals: The conference had positive short-term impacts on motivation and capacity for influence, but few changes in beliefs.

•       On institutions: The strongest institutional impacts came within institutions that wanted to integrate nutrition into agriculture  but were unsure of how, or how quickly, to move forward, such as the CGIAR, and within donor institutions that used the materials and energy generated by the conference to help push and guide a major expansion of bilateral funding into the agriculture-nutrition-health arena.  Direct impacts on national governments were small, as were impacts on private sector and NGOs.

•       On professional discourse: The conference helped “change the conversation” about agriculture and food security, bringing in more frequent reference to cross-sector impacts on nutrition and health.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of and how the agriculture-nutrition-health landscape is changing since the 2020 Conference as
well as lessons on how organizations can measure the impact of their events and build in monitoring and evaluation into program and event design.

Malawi Conference Report Released

A Conference Report for the first national-level follow up event to the 2020 conference, has been released. The report on "Unleashing Agriculture's Potential for Improved Nutrition and Health in Malawi," a consultation held in Lilongwe, Malawi last September, summarizes the main themes and issues discussed during the conference sessions. It also presents the main outcome of the conference, a Policy Action Note that calls for specific actions to be taken for making agricultural policies and programs in Malawi more nutrition-and health-friendly. The report can now be downloaded.

New IFPRI 2020 Conference Book: Reshaping Agriculture for Nutrition and Health

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Conference, IFPRI has compiled the background briefs originally commissioned for the event and subsequently peer-reviewed and revised. The 23 chapters in Reshaping Agriculture for Nutrition and Health, edited by Shenggen Fan and Rajul Pandya-Lorch, examine how much more agriculture could do to improve human well-being if it included specific policies, actions, and interventions to achieve health and nutrition goals; what kinds of changes would maximize agriculture’s contribution to human health and nutrition; and how human health and nutrition could contribute to a productive and sustainable agricultural system.

The full book can be downloaded, in its entirety or by individual chapters, here. A short booklet containing the preview of the book can be found here.

Policy Action Note From the Malawi Conference Is Now Available!

Malawi Conference Participants

One month after the "Unleashing Agriculture's Potential for Improved Health and Nutrition in Malawi" conference, event organizers have released the Policy Action Note, which is the outcome of presentations and discussions on making linkages across sectors, building capacity, and investing in evidence-based and responsive research. The note aims to inform and motivate policymakers and planners across sectors to coordinate and integrate their activities to help Malawi’s agriculture become more responsive and contribute to the nutritional and health status of the population.

Nourishing the Planet blog discusses NCD policy seminar

Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet blog posted a review of last week's policy seminar on agriculture and non-communicable diseases. Check out the post to read what they had to say.

Independent review looks at short term impacts of 2020 conference

The interim report of the 2020 conference, undertaken by Robert Paarlberg, is now available! The report examines the short-term impacts of event on the conferees themselves as well as on the visibility of agriculture/nutrition/health issues in the media and in popular and professional discourse. Many conference participants contributed their opinions through online questionnaires and interviews, for which we are very grateful. The review also explores potential long-term effects, driven by post-conference activities of conference participants and use of materials generated by the conference.

This report is part of an externally managed and conducted impact assessment prepared for IFPRI. Look out for the final report to be released in November 2012!

Paper hones in on essentials of agriculture, health and nutrition

For an excellent “cheat sheet” on agriculture, nutrition, and health, check out the paper entitled: "Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health Essentials for Non-Specialist Development Professionals." Written by Jody Harris (IFPRI), the paper organizes common definitions, tools, and programs by sector in order to ease the "language barrier" that commonly divides field specialists.

New Highlights booklet and video capture excitement from conference

“Highlights From An International Conference” is a brand new interactive booklet that conveys the key themes that emerged from the conference. Active links to citations within the document allow you to easily explore featured speaker videos and publications that intrigue you.

A 5-minute Highlights video captures the most exciting and thought-provoking moments from the event.

Also available is a “mini-documentary” (5 min.) about bringing together agriculture, health, and nutrition.

We encourage you to share these new resources in order to continue communicating the conference themes and keep them at the center of the global agenda.

Speaker summary notes available in one document

To help you more easily access the conference materials, the 2020 team has compiled all the speaker summary notes, 79 of them, into a single, easy-to-download PDF document. View the document here!

A wealth of resources -Speaker videos, bios & notes- available on the website!

Want to (re)listen to a provocative idea made by a speaker? Missed the conference, but would like to learn more about key topics?

Video footage of the conference gives you a close look at all the event proceedings, including the inaugural program, the Indian Prime Minister's opening address, plenary and panel sessions, side events, and "Rapid Fire" presentations.

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