The 2020 Conference at a Glance

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IFPRI 2020 Conference: The Way Forward, Briefs, and Papers

Get a sneak peak at the draft of the IFPRI 2020 Conference Way Forward Statement! This document points the way to some of the potential first steps in maximizing synergies between the three sectors to promote adequate food, good nutrition, good health, and sustainable agricultural growth. This is a living document, and we welcome your feedback before, during, and after the conference. Visit the conference website to leave your comments and respond to others’ comments , thus shaping the next version that will be released following the event.

Over 20 briefs and 8 papers have also been prepared to provide background material on some of the key issues that will be addressed during the conference. We hope that you enjoy them. These publications can be downloaded by selecting the publications tab on our conference website.

Conference Issue Brochure is Now Available

"Most people would say that agriculture is for growing food, and on one level, they are right. The point of agriculture doesn’t stop there, however. At a deeper level, the purpose of agriculture is not just to grow crops and livestock, but to grow healthy, well-nourished people."

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New Wikipedia Entry on Conference Themes

A new Wikipedia entry on "Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health" has been published, detailing the themes of the conference and acting as a portal for discussions on the linkages between the sectors. Prior to this entry, there were few resources for people researching the linkages between agriculture, nutrition, and health. The entry provides resources on agriculture, nutrition, and health, pointing readers to the conference website and other websites and literature discussing these connections. Wikipedia is an online, user-generated encyclopedia, where any internet user can create a topic and others users debate and discuss it, creating a consensus-generated body of information.

Draft program available

Draft program is now available for download:

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List of Advisory Committee Members

Updated September 1, 2010

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