Uganda’s Nutrition Plan takes a multi-sectoral approach

Launched in October of this year, the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) is an example of recent country-led initiative to strengthen national nutrition. Built upon the importance of multi-sectoralism, the Plan was prepared in cooperation with several ministries.

The opening ceremony featured 2020 Conference speaker Robert Mwadime! Check out the official press release for more information!

Journal publishes review of IFPRI seminar on non-communicable diseases

The December 2011 issue of Public Health Nutrition featured a review of the recent policy seminar on agriculture and non-communicable diseases. Written by two IFPRI colleagues Zhenya Karelina and Heidi Fritschel, the article concluded that "agriculture can be a powerful tool in the fight against non-communicable diseases, but using this tool effectively will require significant changes in the organization of the entire food system, from the farm to the table."

Keeping tabs on literature related to agriculture, nutrition and health: Online group in Mendeley continues adding members, publications post 2020 Conference

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest research publications about agriculture, nutrition, and health?

Join the growing group of peers that have been contributing and following the IFPRI 2020 Conference Group on Mendeley!

As an innovative, collaborative bibliography, this group enables you to keep up on recent literature, contribute your own articles, and provides a forum for active engagement with your peers around the world.

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Check out additional resources to stay tuned under the Knowledge Fair’s Literature Hub.

Journal publishes report on 2020 conference

The March 2011 edition of the journal Food Security featured a conference report on IFPRI’s 2020 Conference on “Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health.” Written by Jessica Fanzo, senior scientist at Bioversity International and 2020 conference participant, this comprehensive article examines the event’s key features and presents recommendations for keeping the momentum and translating ideas into action. For full text, click here.

IFPRI 2020 Conference: The Way Forward, Briefs, and Papers

Get a sneak peak at the draft of the IFPRI 2020 Conference Way Forward Statement! This document points the way to some of the potential first steps in maximizing synergies between the three sectors to promote adequate food, good nutrition, good health, and sustainable agricultural growth. This is a living document, and we welcome your feedback before, during, and after the conference. Visit the conference website to leave your comments and respond to others’ comments , thus shaping the next version that will be released following the event.

Over 20 briefs and 8 papers have also been prepared to provide background material on some of the key issues that will be addressed during the conference. We hope that you enjoy them. These publications can be downloaded by selecting the publications tab on our conference website.

Program, Side Events, and Knowledge Fair!

The IFPRI 2020 Conference Program has just gone to press in preparation for the inaugural event now only 10 days away!  The conference event will feature over 150 leading figures from agriculture, nutrition, health, and other related sectors in 5 plenary sessions and 15 parallel sessions. These exciting sessions will give over 900 conference participants the opportunity to interact together and develop solutions.

Alongside the conference program, more than a dozen side sessions have been organized. Session topics will highlight innovative tools, breakthrough research and technology initiatives, and unique programs to bridge the sectors. For detailed information about the sessions, please visit: You can find out more information about each session by downloading the flyer below its title.

The Knowledge Fair is a new platform for networking, brainstorming, and collaborating across the sectors. Gain fresh ideas through “Rapid Fire” presentations, multimedia displays, and discussion groups. Check out the Knowledge Fair schedule here:

Testing all experts!

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Test your knowledge on agriculture, nutrition, and health through our new fun interactive quiz. The current score to beat is 17!

Conference Issue Brochure is Now Available

"Most people would say that agriculture is for growing food, and on one level, they are right. The point of agriculture doesn’t stop there, however. At a deeper level, the purpose of agriculture is not just to grow crops and livestock, but to grow healthy, well-nourished people."

To read the entire 2020 Conference Issue Brochure, visit:

Two months until the conference

The response to our upcoming conference has been overwhelming. We hope you share the excitement and will join us on February 10-12, 2011, in Delhi. The full conference program is now available! The program features a lineup of speakers who will showcase cutting-edge research, on-the-ground initiatives, and strategies for better integrating agriculture, nutrition, and health.